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Depression: Why Do I Feel Sad and Empty?

“When I was a teenager, I remember going to my doctor and explaining that I had this feeling, like pain was leaking out of me. I couldn’t control it. I didn’t understand why it was happening. I felt quite ashamed of it.” – Johann Hari

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In my own experience, depression looks a lot like "meh"- even if I know I have good things happening in my life, I often feel sad, empty, and hopeless. I distance myself from those I love, stop doing activities that I know I enjoy, lose interest in eating, and spend a lot of time sleeping, crying, and beating the shit out of myself for feeling so terrible, being unproductive, and not being able to do anything about it. 
As it turns out, you probably have a lot to be depressed about. For starters, being in a global pandemic has fucking sucked. From masks to online classes to over 900,000 deaths in the USA alone, Covid has turned the world upside down. On top of that, you may be struggling with loss (a pet, a job, a relationship, a loved one, a sense of safety or well-being), transition (new job, new relationship, new child, new school), feeling unsatisfied in your career or school path, trauma, or (insert the list of approximately a bazillion things that you are struggling with).

For you, depression may look a lot like:                                                                                                                       

Feeling sad, worthless, or just down in the dumps more often than not.                                                                                          

Not being able to take care of yourself- you may stop eating, bathing, or doing things you love.                                                 

Thoughts of not wanting to exist because life feels so painful.                                                                                                            

Withdrawing from everything- people, places, hobbies.                                                                                                                        

Feeling disconnected or numbed out from your body.                                                                                                                          

Being tired a lot of the time, regardless of sleeping a lot (or not sleeping at all).                                                                              
I believe if you are depressed, there are very real reasons for feeling how you are feeling- even if you might not know what those are. Your feelings of sadness, your tears, your hopelessness, your emptiness- I believe they are all real, and they all hold a message for you. Maybe that message is “I haven’t grieved this loss” or “I really need to be in a different job” or “This relationship is not a good fit” or “My body needs more love and care.”

Therapy for depression can help you:                                                                                                                          

Better understand your depression- how it tends to show up for you, what makes it better, what makes it worse, and what hasn’t worked with trying to cope with it.

Learn to relate to your depression in a way that works for you rather than against you, so you can do what matters to you rather than get stuck in your depressed thoughts or feelings.

Discover techniques and skills that help to connect with your body and your mind so you can be more present for yourself, your relationships, and your experiences.

Whatever that message may be, we can figure it out together.  I can help you move forward with your depression and work towards engaging in activities and relationships that matter to you. Contact me today to see if we are a good fit.

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