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Relationships: What the Hell Am I Doing?

“We repeat what we don't repair."- Christine Langley-Obaugh

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You may have entered relationships with beliefs or questions about your partners, family, or peers. Many of them may sound like this ...

Why do I keep choosing toxic partners?

They shouldn’t be this way.

Why do they do this?

The perfect partner wouldn’t be so irritating.

This is hard - am I doing something wrong?

I’m not good enough for them.

Is this the right person for me?
As you have probably discovered, there is not a manual for managing relationships, and there is no magic wand to “make” someone change their behaviors. Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything you know, and you still feel unsatisfied. Maybe you feel like something is a little bit off, and you can’t quite figure out what that is. Or maybe you’ve recognized that you aren’t showing up the way you want to in your relationships. Believe it or not, these are common challenges in most relationships (people tend not to talk about them, but trust me, they are there).

You may also notice:                                                                                                                                                        

You have no voice in relationships- you feel like you get walked over or taken advantage of a lot of the time.                          

You wonder if your family dynamics growing up have impacted you as an adult.                                                                            

You find yourself lost in coping with current family dynamics.                                                                                                             

People in your life want more from you in a relationship, but you don’t know how to give that to them, no matter how many times they ask or give examples.

You can’t talk about yourself in any relationships- your feelings, your needs- and you find that your relationships are often superficial.

You feel terrified of being abandoned in relationships, even if your relationships are stable.                                                       

You question what makes a healthy relationship.                                                                                                                                   

You find yourself bored, disconnected, or anxious in most of your relationships.                                                                           
There’s a shit ton of confusing (and contradictory) advice in our world about relationships- what you should do, what you shouldn’t do, what your partner/friend/family member needs to do……  You may have spent some of your days (or nights) asking Google or Alexa “How do I fix my relationship?” or “What am I doing wrong in my relationship?” I’m not here to answer those questions- but I am here to help you figure out whether your relationship is working for you (or not). Please note that I do not provide couples counseling. I focus on you- what you want your relationships, what you don’t want in your relationships, and how you can show up as the person you want to be in your relationships.

Therapy for relationships can help you:                                                                                                                       

Explore what is working or not working for you in your current relationships.                                                                                 

Set boundaries and be more assertive in your relationships.                                                                                                               

Learn effective strategies for communicating your feelings and needs in relationships.                                                                

More consistently show up as your authentic self in relationships.                                                                                                     

Discover what you value in relationships.                                                                                                                                                

Understand your unique style in relationships- how you try to bond, and what works best for bonding with others.              

If you want to explore your current relationships and learn tools to support yourself in these relationships, contact me today to see if we are a good fit.

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