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Sylva-based telehealth counseling serving early adults across North Carolina

What to Expect

“Courage is not the absence of fear- courage is fear walking.” – Susan David

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Typical sessions involve checking in about your week, exploring what’s working for you or what’s not working for you in your life at present, and learning and practicing skills in session to apply to your current challenges. My therapeutic style is warm, non-judgmental, and down to earth.
My goal is for you to feel safe, heard, and supported in our sessions. I am here to have your back when life is painful and confusing, and I am also not afraid to challenge your behaviors if they appear to be interfering with your long-term health and wellness.
Although some of our sessions will involve typical “talk-therapy”, I may also offer other modalities of engagement, including journaling prompts or worksheets, artistic activities, or gentle body movement.
I offer 60-minute individual sessions. I meet with most folks at least once a week; however, we will discuss what works best for you. I offer telehealth sessions exclusively at this time.
Prior to starting our sessions, I offer a free, 20-minute consultation to see if we are a good fit. If you decide that you want to work with me, I will send you an electronic intake packet to complete prior to our session. Before each session, you will receive a link and be directed to a virtual "waiting room." All you need is some headphones, a laptop or phone, and a private space to complete our session.

Providing telehealth across North Carolina 

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